Discover the value of peace of mind

Discover the value of peace of mind

To help you properly budget your IT resources, it’s important to accurately calculate the costs of your offsite backups. At The Data Backup, we believe pricing should be clear and straightforward, with no hidden costs. To the right is a breakdown of our pricing for automated offsite backups and website hosting.

Our pricing models are based on the volume of data being backed up to an offsite location. You’ll only pay for the amount of information you need to protect. If your needs fall outside of the levels defined to the right, contact us to learn about our customized pricing.

Considering that the cost of restoring a failed hard drive can easily reach several thousand dollars, our reasonable rates are a smart investment in your peace of mind.

Pricing Schedule for Automated Offsite Backup

1 – 40GB
41 – 60GB $75.00/Month
61 – 80GB $95.00/Month
81 – 100GB $115.00/Month
101 – 200GB $220.00/Month
200GB+ Call for Pricing