User shall keep all identifying information up to date with The Data Backup.  It shall be the sole responsibility of user to ensure that The Data Backup has all current information, specifically including, but not limited to, current functional email address.

In the event that user receives a notification that a scheduled backup was unsuccessful, it is the responsibility of user to immediately notify their IT provider or The Data Backup of such notice, so that appropriate action may be taken.  The Data Backup bears no responsibility or liability if user fails to notify The Data Backup of an unsuccessful backup notice.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the user to verify the integrity of the data being consigned to The Data Backup.  In the event that the user consigns corrupt data to The Data Backup, The Data Backup shall bear no liability for the integrity of the data.

In the event that any of user’s data is lost or unrecoverable, The Data Backup shall compensate user, as liquidated damages, and the sole measure of recovery, by restoring any and all fees paid by user in the month in which such loss shall occur.

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