Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

One of the hottest trends on the modern technology landscape, cloud computing is quickly becoming an industry standard. Using an efficient load-balancing design, it allows businesses to achieve an unprecedented level of productivity with minimal investment.

The power of cloud computing—sometimes referred to as “grid computing” or “on-demand computing”—lies in the smart sharing of resources. The “cloud” is comprised of a pool of services, software, and network connections, all of which work together to perform basic computing tasks.

Cloud computing can include a wide array of functions, including sending and receiving email, retrieving information, sharing files, and accessing applications over the Internet. It’s a preferred method for any business that needs to manage and analyze large amounts of data or complex databases.

The many benefits of cloud computing include:

  • More collaborative, team-oriented processes

  • Automatic updates of software, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual installations

  • Simpler development, deployment, and administration of networks and applications

  • More efficient and secure remote access for mobile users

  • Expanded storage space for large files

  • Improved network security

  • More reliable disaster recovery and backup plans

  • Faster, more stable website performance through load balancing and clustering

Google is one of the best examples of cloud computing in action. As the web’s most highly trafficked search engine, it uses a cloud of hundreds of thousands of servers across the world to manage millions of search strings each day.

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